Fruit Basket Delivery Putrajaya

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Fruit basket delivery to Putrajaya is our hot spot delivery area. FruitoGift definitely be able to help you when comes to fruit basket gift hamper delivery in Kuala Lumpur and Klang valley. Choose from Putrajaya best fruit basket gifts of vast selections gifting products collection hamper, fruits and flower gift products for any occasions needed. Be it love & romance, birthday, appreciation, anniversary, get well soon or even to apologize, we have the best fruit basket hamper delivered in Putrajaya.


Fruit Basket Delivery to Putrajaya on the Same Day

We also offer same day fruit basket delivery to Putrajaya, simply place your order before 11:00AM. Fruit basket delivery to Putrajaya is located just about 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur. There are delivery charges sending fruit basket to Putrajaya within the area postcode of 62000 - 62988.

Decorated Fruit Basket

We also regularly deliver our premium decorated fruit basket as corporate hampers, CNY hampers, Raya hampers, Deepavali hampers and gifts to Putrajaya area. Putrajaya serves as the federal administrative center of Malaysia, the government's main seat was moved from Kuala Lumpur down south to Putrajaya, mostly because the inconvenience that came with the congestion of Kuala Lumpur. It was in 2001 that Putrajaya also became the country's 3rd federal territory alongside KL and Labuan. Our impressive decorated fruit basket arrangement are crafted to impress just any occasion that everyone love it.

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Chinese New Year gift & hamper is deliver progressively scheduled following queue instead on date. Delivery requires 2-5 workdays or more especially outside KL-Selangor. Order received 16-JAN onwards will not reach before CNY. We try our very best to slot in only if possible else will continue during CNY from 25-JAN onwards.

If you have already ordered before the cut-off date 16-JAN, your order will be scheduled for shipping before CNY. In case you are confirmed your recipient still did not received after 23-JAN, please contact our sales support at [email protected] for further assistant.